Exploratory learning for busy bees in our Knowledge Hive (May 13, 2020)

What can you learn from our website?

Our website is not just a marketing tool to tell the world who we are and what we do. It’s actually a treasure-chest of interesting information about electricity, energy, solar power, solar technology, climate change and sustainability. In our new programme Knowledge Hive students can engage in exploratory learning by clicking through our pages to uncover many interesting “knowledge nuggets”! It’s a unique online programme that allows students to define their learning, as they engage with current and relevant information about topics interesting and important to them.

On the start page, students find links that take them to different parts of our website that focus on different topics. One topic is about solar technology basics. We have a simple diagram showing and explaining how a solar panel system works, how it is connected to the grid and where electricity flows. Through examining this diagram, students are challenged to think about where we get our electricity and why solar panels are a good thing. Starting with the basics, students can move further into their learning with confidence after gaining a solid background.

Through Knowledge Hive students gain valuable background information about important topics in today’s changing world. Part of our work is to inspire the next generation to be leaders in the transition to a net zero carbon society and to engage young people in lessons to make them good global citizens. Part of global citizenship is taking action to achieve a fair and sustainable future, including securing a sustainable energy future.

“The easiest and best way [to reach a sustainable energy future] is to consider the energy we don’t use…there’s a tremendous role that each of us plays in efficiency, in changing our energy behaviour. What you do and what I do is the most important part of our energy future,” says Dr. Scott Tinker in the documentary Switch. We empower students with information about energy and climate change so that they can examine and understand their behaviour, and then make changes that will be part of a global movement.

Examine our website a little more closely to see all the information we have available. Find the treasure! See what you can learn today in the Knowledge Hive.